Join My Instagram Fitness & Cosplay Community

Updated: May 5

Hi everyone! I would love it if you followed my activity on instagram. I hope I can inspire you on my IG page whether you're looking for healthy food or workout ideas, or thinking about cosplay but are just too shy to do it.

When it comes to cosplay, if you have ever had even a tinkling thought about bringing one of your favorite characters to life, do it! I believe the cosplay community should be fun and is for everyone to enjoy. All shapes and sizes are welcome to dress up as any character they've always wanted to. I love seeing different versions of anime, video game, or comic book characters!

Same goes for fitness. Fitness is not a one size fits all. Everyone's vision of fit is very different, and everyone's reality of healthy is unique. No matter where you're starting from, committing to nourishing your body with healthy choices and activity will definitely give you a longer, active lifeline.

Please join me on instagram, I'll be posting whenever I can. I'll make you proud!


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