Online Personal Training? See It's Benefits!

I love personal training. I'm invested in my clients' personal growth mentally and physically. I've always said that if you don't change your mindset mentally, then physically you'll always remain the same. So when the pandemic lockdown set in last year, I had to find a way to encourage my clients to continue to nurture their bodies with exercise, without a gym, and with minimal to no equipment. During that process, I've discovered that training my clients online has had some really good benefits:


For just 30 minutes a day, you can hop on Face Time or Zoom and get your body moving. If you're going for 3x a week, that's just 90 minutes a week! The lovely part is you don't have to make that drive to the gym, get dressed, or deal with crowded peak hours. This keeps the motivation going, and saves tons of time. You can work on your schedule, whether it's a lunch hour or 15 minutes right after your morning coffee.


Because there is no overheard gym fee, gas and time to add into the equation, virtual training is much more affordable. You can train with me 3x per week for what may cost you 1 1 session if we were going to meet up in the gym. Hands down more bang for your buck.


What makes training virtually with a trainer different from following along a youtube video is the personalized program design, catering to your body, goals, and needs. Plus, I can communicate directly with you in a way that no follow-along can. I'm also there to help correct form, progress or regress exercises, and work on specific movements that would personally benefit you. And what video will ask you about how your nutrition is going and hold you accountable in that aspect? I'm there to advise you with that as well. As your trainer, I'm always here and a msg away.

If you've been on the fence about personal training because of the cost, well online training is a great place for you. If you're uncertain you'll reap in the benefits because we aren't meeting in person, why not give it a try and see how you like it? Feel free to msg me, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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