Put Me In Your Pocket, Train You Anywhere!

Hello friends,

As the world is getting reacquainted with "normal" life, Imuch changehas happened in the world in the past year. Though 2020 was a trendsetter of bad years, it was without question a year of growth too. Many times when your comfort zone is challenged, when you're faced with adversity, it's the optimal time for change. That being said, I went virtual last year, as well as more independent: this was the change I always wanted for my business and brand, KT Fitness.

I always knew I wanted my life as a personal trainer to be mainly independent but like many of us, I was scared of leaving my comfort zone - the handicap of a box gym. What if I don't find people? Where can I train my clients? Will my business grow? Well, when COVID hit, I had zero choice but to start making plans to tackle my chances -- I've realized this is more than just feasible, it's thriveable (yea I made that word up)! and I'm so glad to be here.

Risk. Scary but always liberating to take. I literally feel like I'm breathing again, and if I'm feeling at 100% well, I can give you, my clients, 100%. That's what I've always wanted for you. I'm not just in the business of muscle, I'm in the business of mental calibration and strength. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Today I sit thinking about all my worries, and though they remain, at least I am my own boss. I now know and I want you to know, I'm available to train you: At your convenience online, from any where, at an affordable price, with no equipment. You can even take me virtually to your very own gym, just by bringing your phone along.

So as the world reopens, and you're getting a second chance of freedom and life, let's make this second wind healthier together. Reach out to me, and let's get you going. No matter what your goals are, where you are, and what equipment you may or may not have, we can make this happen!

Talk soon,


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