No matter where you're at,in your fitness journey, the best time to start is now... 

Fit looks and feels different on everyone. I have worked with clients from many different backgrounds with varying skill levels and motivations for what transformations they want to reach. No matter what your goals are, I can help you achieve them, just like some of the clients you see here!

Fit Girl

Amber P.

Kaori listened, took notes, and started a fitness assessment. After watching me do squats, she clocked all my major problems and gave me adjustments that I never would have thought of. I found out I was doing planks all wrong, but Kaori fixed my form without being judgmental or pushy. Kaori understood when I needed to stop and when I needed an extra push. In short, she's the exact opposite of any other trainer I've encountered.

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Steven Z.

Kaori gives the impression that she really loves what she is doing as a fitness trainer. She is totally dedicated to the job and actually enjoying the process of helping other people with their fitness goals. At the same time, she is also strict with her client, not allowing me doing any workout less or easier than what I should have done. She's always on time and prepare for the training. She doesn't waste any training time and get down to it with me. She knew what she was doing with all the workout and what she wants from me and explained to me very well. She is also very kind and encouraging. I don't feel any pressure or embarrassing when I train with her. It was a very comfortable and enjoyable training experience.


Sam S. 

Kaori is always quick to respond and easy to schedule with. The sessions are hard work in a good way and I feel like I'm learning a ton.

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Ryan M.

Kaori is a great personal trainer!  During Covid she provided group online classes for training which helped keep me in shape and saved my sanity haha.  She is very knowledgeable and supportive.  She helped push and motivate me to stay active and keep coming back for classes.  She also helped point me in the right direction for food and snacks to keep me on track.  

I look forward to doing in person training with her in the future.  I highly recommend her for training  and working on your fitness goals!

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John Q.

Kaori is the best trainer I have worked with. Her knowledge of how to target and strengthen specific areas of the body is absolutely the best I've encountered. She pushes you to go to your limit, but will always allow you to pull back when you think you might over extend. Wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

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Lisa B.

I have been working with Kaori since December 2018 and my experience has been amazing. She really listens to my goals and concerns. I really enjoy the workout style and I am seeing changes in my body already. Kaori truly walks the walk. She is amazingly fit and is an inspiration. I look forward to many more sessions with Kaori!

Guy Working Out

John P.

Kaori is an incredible coach and an incredible person! She manages to strike a balance between being tough and inspirational. She demands your bed and pushes you to what your potential is, not what you think it is. I cannot recommend her enough. If you want to see visible results, you need a coach like Kaori

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Anna C.

Kaori is one of the best coaches I've ever had. She works out every part of your body and she makes sure she tells you what each exercise is working out. She also teaches you about nutrition, which is very important in losing weight. She's an all around coach, you will see results when you have Kaori as a trainer.

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Michael M.

Kaori has been a joy to work with. I mean, it hurts and she pushes me, but still a joy because I feel so good after the work out. Well, not RIGHT after, but you know what I mean. She is very flexible with scheduling, and responsive to my changing availability. She started by asking my goals, and then assessed my weaknesses. In the 10 weeks I've been working with her I've increased my strength by 20-30% while maintaining my cardio fitness. I would highly recommend Kaori Fitness!!!

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Yoli M.

Kaori is knowledgeable, understanding of the goals I'm trying to achieve, and always uses me to do my best. In the time I've spent with her, I feel more confident in the gym and in knowing how to use the machines, have better self-confidence, and after just three weeks of consistent workouts, am stronger than ever - I did forty box jumps the other day and I promise you I couldn't even do one the first day I walked in that door. Kaori did that. When I said "I can't" she said "you're going to" and she was right! So if you're thinking about connecting with a trainer, even for a few sessions, consider Kaori. I promise you you won't be sorry!